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Nauss Plumbing and Heating is a lot more than just plumbing and heating... We are truly your "Full Service Contractor". Over the past 30 years of offering great sales and service to Sudbury and area, Nauss has grown to meet the needs of the area offering a wide range of home service products as well as establishing a reputation for top notch service.

Please click on the links to discover the fine products and services we offer --- see what  Nauss Plumbing and Heating can do for you. For quality and reliable service we're,

Nauss Plumbing and Heating is a registered member of The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (#0038027001)
    As well as an Authorized Contractor for the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority.

Nauss Plumbing and Heating

    "Your Full Service Contractor"

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    Other Products & Services Include:

  • Water, Sump, Sewage and Condensate Pumps
  • Water Quality Systems
  • Water Back flow Prevention & Meter Service
  • Cottage Service
  • House Buyer's Inspection
  • Electrical Equipment and Power Distribution
  • Solar Systems
  • Backup Power Generation
  • Rooftop Heat / Cool / Make-up Air