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Nauss Plumbing and Heating offers a variety of pumps from our Goulds and Grundfos suppliers. Goulds pumps has a proud tradition of supplying quality pumping products to global industrial markets for over 150 years. With over a million installed pumps in service Goulds is one of the dominant brands for pumping products worldwide.


GrundFos pumps are made to provide an efficient and reliable solution to your water pumping needs. From satisfying thirst, to irrigating fields and watering animals, to even heating and cooling buildings. Quality is key in all Grundfos products. This high standard is directly applied to construction and design, special care is taken when selecting materials and production methods.

Nauss Plumbing and Heating takes pride in the quality of the pumps we offer. Our services includes not only the sale of the pumps but the installation, maintenance, and repairs of them as well. We can get your water pumping set up running at tip top shape. Let our friendly and knowledgable staff help you out today.

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