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Welcome to Jennica Springs.

Jennica Springs is the best local spring water located here in Sudbury. From our fresh water spring located in Markstay, we are dedicated to bringing you the best tasting water in the area.

Our water is so good you will want to drink it by the gallon. Our delivery system set up we can bring you our fresh great tasting water every week. Good for work, play or even just plain thirst, make Jennica water your choice for a healthy drinking solution. We promise you won't regret it.

For more information about Jennica Springs including about our spring and plant check out our Information page. For some of our products check out our Products page. And to contact us please click on one of the buttons labeled; Need a Quote, Need Service, and Need Advice, or check out our Contact page.

Great water for work.

Have a great thirst for water?