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At Nauss Plumbing and Heating we help our customers take advantage of Government and Private sector energy upgrade programs and rebates.

In todays world waste energy consumption is becoming a real issue. Most homes are using appliances and equipment that is using more energy than is needed or is using it when it doesn't need to. With the investment in better home equipment you can reduce your energy costs by 20% or more depending on the amount of changes you make. To the right are a few graphs to show you where your current energy costs are going and what some of our products can do for you.

The first graph shows where your money goes when you pay your electric bill. As you can see heating, cooling, and water heating takes up a whopping 60% of your bill. With Nauss's help you can reduce this by at least 20%, which is savings you will notice on your electric bill.

The second graph shows the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE of gas furnace. The higher your AFUE is for your furnace the more you can save on your monthly heating bills. No furnace currently is 100% energy efficient, but with time and further research this might become a possibility in the future.

In the third graph you see that cooling systems such as central air and heat pumps use the seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER. The higher this rating is the more energy efficient the system is thus saving you money.

These are a few ways that Nauss Plumbing and Heating helps you save on energy as well as provide quality hard working products that are built to last.

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